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Aspasia is a Manifestation Expert/Speaker and Celebrity Empowerment Coach. She teaches the science of the subconscious mind, practices quantum therapy, as well as various spiritual modalities. She is a modern day yogi that aspires to inspire people to go after their dreams and desires, succeed and thrive. Her wish is for others to transform their lives the way she did from a burned out corporate careerist to a blissed out teacher  manifesting dreams for a living.

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I got burned out literally emotionally and physically!

That's when I realized that HAPPINESS has nothing to do with WHAT YOU HAVE but rather WHO YOU ARE. My story of self discovery started by me fleeing across continents trying to figure out what IS THE PURPOSE OF ALL THIS? Why am I living a life of someone else's dream? Is that all there is in life?

I started thinking that something was wrong with me, because no one around me really bothered to change their circumstances. There I was having it all but really not feeling satisfied, fulfilled nor happy!

My life as a child of two young entrepreneurs in a Greece, being the granddaughter of immigrant traders, proves to hold the answer to my traumas of not belonging and fleeing. On this magical journey across continents, countries, careers and adventures, I soon enough I FOUND the ANSWER! The answer I was looking for was within me...

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Work One On One with ASPASIA and reprogram one whole area of your life with guidance and therapy expertise on your online live weekly calls.

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TESTIMONIAL: Listen to what our Students have to say!

"Aspasia is a bright soul, honest and she loves her work deeply. She helped me with her heart, she taught me how to think clearly and to have faith despite the difficulties. She has my love and respect for now and always."

50, Architect, Athens -GR

"I started working with Aspasia at a crucial time in my life, as I was about to make a radical career shift into a completely different field. Aspasia is a great personal development guide and teacher. During our VIP one on one breakthrough sessions, we reprogrammed limiting beliefs, designed a new powerful, healthy identity of self love and success. I changed my daily habits organically and effortlessly. I'm happier, stronger and more confident. My career, success and money making is expanding by the day. If it is transformation that you are seeking, stepping into a life of power and authentic truth, where you are confident about yourself, your future, your life purpose, and your cash flow, Aspasia has your answers!"

- 36, Personal Coach, Athens - GR

"I had suffered from depression and low self-esteem for years. I had a lot of psychotherapy and had taken medication, but nothing changed. If something changed, it was only temporary and superficial. I had tried almost everything when I finally met Aspasia. In my very first meeting with her, I felt I could trust her with all my heart. Because a human being feels and hears with the heart and not with the mind, my heart told me that I was with the right person at the right time!! Before we started the VIP Breakthrough Program, I knew this was the right fit! In our first meeting I felt like a little girl with lots of insecurities, lots of old patterns/ways of thinking in my mind. For the duration of the VIP Breakthrough Program, I saw me transforming and blossoming. I became a woman who could love and respect herself, with lots of love and respect for the people around her. I saw myself at a distance, able to see the light and smile, to feel my heart beat loudly! I really started to live my life, not just to breathe. And all this light and feeling and awakening and love would not have found me had it not been for Aspasia. She gave me all the tools to live like sunshine and to succeed with love and tranquility!! She is wonderful, unselfish, full of light, full of wisdom, love and passion for what she does. In essence, this is Aspasia and I thank her a million times! I will be thankful forever! "




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